active directory and directory services

Directory Services are everywhere.

There are myriad books and articles on administering Active Directory and other common DSAs. There are plenty of RFCs around protocols such as DNS, LDAP and Kerberos.

Microsoft has published tens of thousands of pages of detailed specification on the specifics of their implementation of Kerberos and LDAP in Active Directory.

It can be difficult to find a place that ties it all together.

This is a collection of words that attempts to fill in some of the blanks until such time as there is. All of this has been gleaned from experimentation and from reading specifications. Without having looked into the source code (Open Source and Proprietary), some minor inaccuracies can be expected.

  1. home
  2. active directory glossary
  3. Name and Service Resolution
  4. dns basics
  5. service discovery
  6. Kerberos
  7. kerberos basics
  8. krb5.conf
  9. active directory kerberos extras
  10. LDAP Basics
  11. active directory ldap extras
  12. performing ldap searches with ldapsearch
  13. Miscellaneous Active Directory stuff
  14. active directory domain join quotas
  15. Stuff without a home or content yet
  16. groupType attribute as an example of bitwise LDAP searches
  17. disjoint namespaces, suffixes and validated writes
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